Rocket Triggers

*design will vary slightly also there will be only one battery holder, but I haven't built any with only one holder yet

*design will vary slightly also there will be only one battery holder, but I haven't built any with only one holder yet


-Averages sound levels and triggers the camera for five seconds after the sound level increases by 20% and will continue to trigger until the sound level drops below 120% of prelaunch sound levels

-Rarely false triggers

-In the event of a consistent false triggers(like rain) it will reset the average to prevent excessive triggers and preserve camera battery life and storage

-In my experience rain comes slowly enough that the average will rise with the rain and not false trigger

-Proven design, the same general trigger design I have been using for all my remotes since NROL-44

-Triggers Early; first trigger is usually before the rocket has moved at all


-All values are stored in software so a reflash is required to change anything in this section, I can reflash your trigger if requested, but it has to be done in person and I will not do it every launch and will only reflash a limited number of times

-The trigger threshold can be increased or decreased.

Battery Info

-The triggers draws very little battery

-Runs on three AA batteries

-Rechargeable AAs are recommended, but disposable batteries should theoretically last longer due to the larger energy storage potential of alkaline batteries

-Over a week of battery life ever time I've tested

-I recommend you test any batteries you plan to use before you leave them as a remote

Camera Cables/Compatibly

-My triggers have a 3.5mm jack to connect to your camera

-Tested with both Canon DSLR's with 3.5mm and the old style 3 pin cable

-The Cable I use with my Canon 2.5mm jack DSLRs

-Untested with other camera brands, but other brands are probably compatible, I just need to get a cable for them and test


1. Put in batteries(it will take a little over a minute to arm)

2. Blow or tap on the mic to test

3. Put trigger somewhere it is protected from the elements(including wind)

Purchasing and Pricing

-$80 for the trigger and a canon 2.5mm cable

-DM me on twitter to order, payment is due at delivery, cash or PayPal

-I currently don't have any plans to ship so delivery will be made at some rocket event


-If it fails within the first two months or two launches, whichever comes first, I will refund you upon return of the trigger

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