Rocket Triggers

*design will vary slightly

*design will vary slightly


-Averages sound levels and triggers the camera for five seconds after the sound level increases by 20% and will continue to trigger until the sound level drops below 120% of prelaunch sound levels

-Rarely false triggers

-In the event of a consistent false triggers(like rain) it will reset the average to prevent excessive triggers and preserve camera battery life and storage

-In my experience rain comes slowly enough that the average will rise with the rain and not false trigger

-Proven design, the same general trigger design I have been using for all my remotes for a while now

-Triggers Early; first trigger is usually before the rocket has moved at all


-All values are stored in software so a reflash is required to change anything in this section, I can reflash your trigger if requested, but it has to be done in person and I will not do it every launch and will only reflash a limited number of times

-I recommend against it, but the trigger percentage threshold percentage can be increased or decreased

-Scheduled photos; It can trigger the camera at set intervals to take extra shots, this does come at the cost of camera battery life and storage, but will often get some good shots at times like sunrise and sunset

Battery Info

-The triggers draws very little battery

-Runs on three AA batteries with the option of a second three AA to nearly double battery life(Second set of AAs will probably be phased out after more battery testing, but for now I'm going to put two AA holders on there)

-Rechargeable AAs are recommended, but disposable batteries should theoretically last longer due to the larger energy storage potential of alkaline batteries

-Energy test was ran with three old lithium Energizer AAs to give a more worst case scenario

-Lasted upwards of week during the battery test(ongoing test/I'm still doing more battery tests)

-I recommend you test any batteries you plan to use before you leave them as a remote

Camera Cables/Compatibly

-My triggers have a 3.5mm jack to connect to your camera

-Tested with both Canon DSLR's with 3.5mm and the old style 3 pin cable

-The Cable I use with my Canon 2.5mm jack DSLRs

-Untested with other camera brands, but other brands are probably compatible, I just need to get a cable and test


1. Put in batteries(it will take a little over a minute to arm)

2. Blow on the mic to test

3. Put trigger somewhere it is protected from the elements(including wind)

Purchasing and Pricing

-$? for the trigger

-$? for 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable(for most canon DSLRs)

-DM me on twitter to order, payment is due at delivery, cash or paypal

-I currently don't have any plans to ship so delivery will be made at some rocket event


-If it fails within the first two months or two launches, whichever comes first, I will refund you upon return of the trigger

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